Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jolie and her Minnie Mouse Cake!

Cute Jolie LOVED her Minnie Mouse birthday cake! Her mom threw her a pretty awesome Disney club house themed birthday party-lucky girl! Because Melissa and Jolie are both allergic to wheat we made a top layer of gluten free chocolate cake complete with gluten free icing. It was our first time baking anything gluten free but it turned out pretty well! The bottom layer was a spice cake with cream cheese frosting filling-deelish! Heres what Jolie's mom had to say about it:

Hi! Thank you SOOO much for the cake, Katie! It was perfect and beautiful and I loved it! The gluten free was good and we didn't get sick! Thank you for taking the time to make it gluten free!

I was going thru some of Jolie's birthday pictures and these pictures stood out to me! I LOVE it!

After you left, she was obsessed with her cake! She wouldn't stop looking at it and saying MY MOUSE CAKE!!! over and over again. Anyways this picture just says it all with one look!

After I snapped this picture and walked away, I came back later to find her with her finger in the frosting dots all around the bottom of the cake. She was eating them all!!! She couldn't wait to eat her cake!

Thanks for sharing your pictures with us Melissa! & Happy 2nd birthday Jolie!