Saturday, August 1, 2009

Winnie The Pooh 1st Birthday Cake!

It was pretty obvious why Emily and Tanner requested a Winnie The Pooh cake for Kendal's first birthday when we went to make our delivery. Kendal loves Pooh! She was super cute in her Pooh outfit with her giant Pooh doll all dressed up for her big day! I grew up with Emily and I can't believe she's been a mom for a whole year! So happy 1st birthday Kendal, and happy one year of mommyhood to Emily!


The Preira Family said...

I Love these cakes!!! I needed one for Lucas' birthday and no one around here was any need to move closer!!

Jenn said...

Hey Katie! It's Jenn. You got rid of face book and now I can't talk to you! :( But I'd still like to read your blog. My email is and my blog is Hope we can still keep in touch.