Saturday, October 17, 2009

Autumn Wedding

The new Mr. and Mrs. Casey Muns had a beautiful poolside wedding that we were very pleased to be a part of. The Bride and Groom radiated an enthusiastic joy as they exchanged vows at Saguaro Ranch Park and then guests headed to the reception for a night of yummy food and dancing! Tearah picked an elegant four tiered cake with gorgeous autumn colored flowers (to match the ones in her hair!) and it turned out beautifully. For this cake, we used frosting instead of fondant and for the first time decided to transport the cake already stacked. We were a little worried about the ride over so we decided to use several wooden dowels to keep it from sliding. IT WAS HEAVY! Bryan carried it and about died after 30 feet. Luckily everything worked out and the wedding was perfect!


The Preira Family said...

you are so talented!!

The Strode Family said...

WOW! Thats amazing, What I love though is how much fun you two have doing it together. I remember those days!