Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Maroon and Gold Wedding Cake

ASU colors? No, the beautiful and creative wedding colors selection of Rachel Smithson. I met with the happy and easy going bride to come up with an idea for her wedding cake and after tossing around a few ideas she came up with design all by herself-it turned out pretty dang cute!

Fondant over white cake with whipped raspberry filling and a few styrofoam tiers for show-congrats to Rachel & Jordan.

The Yankees are the best baseball team that ever walked the face of the earth

I was pretty ecstatic to make this cake mainly for reasons stated in the blog title, but also because it was commissioned by the young wife of an air force soldier coming home from training. She told us that they'd have a little time together before he left again for a whole year! My brother-in-law is in the military and is often gone for extended periods of time and my heart goes out to all military wives-you amazing women-you are strong and capable and brave and make sacrifices I'm to weak to make. Thank You!
We surprised the hubby with this Yankee's cap cake which was chocolate with whipped strawberry filling-yum!