Monday, May 14, 2012


This past weekend KatieCakes alongside Wake N' Bakery got to be guest judges at The Children's Culinary Institute's "Burnt" (their version of "chopped"). The kids got "mystery bags" each round with 3 items they had to use in a recipe. They also had some optional extras in their "pantries". From corn bread pancakes to bologna maple bacon, the experience was exciting and sometimes scary to say the least. We especially liked the graham cracker cake balls-genius! Thanks for inviting us CCI-we had a blast!!

That thar is peaches on sponge cake topped with blue berries, coconut. rainbow sprinkles, graham cracker crumbles, & an interesting icing/milk combo.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Red & Yellow Spring Wedding

Traditional white wedding cake with white frosting, we had fun taking creative control on this wedding cake. The bride requested something simple with red and yellow flowers, the rest was up to us. I love a nice simple wedding cake...don't you?

Cowboy cake

Rebecca-a reapeat customer- requested this western cake for her sister-in-law's cowboy themed baby shower. Our famous Triple chocolate cake covered in fondant with icing accents. I sort of loved it.

How 'bout that cute name? it!

Coupled with about 45 cow print cupcakes, I bet this cake was just perfect for a little cowboy!

Thomas the skull train?

"Huh?" was my reaction when my cute hubby and partner cake maker told me his brother and sister-in-law had requested a Thomas the Train cake for our little nephew Leland's 1st birthday party. A Thomas the Train cake with one alteration...a skull instead of a cute smiling Thomas face. Huh?
Meet the Workman fam. The Bryceon Workman fam that is. That there is Chloe...Leland's Mommy. She's pretty edgy and has a funky thing for skulls. Combined with Leland's love for Thomas the train, we melded these to seemingly un-meshable interests into a pretty awesome cake.

 I was still on baby recovery (we'd just had our new precious little addition, sweet Zoey Claire) so Bry took the reigns on this one. He's pretty amazing eh?

We also made this little number for Leland's smash cake...

I think he liked it.
Happy 1st Birthday Leland!