Monday, May 7, 2012

Thomas the skull train?

"Huh?" was my reaction when my cute hubby and partner cake maker told me his brother and sister-in-law had requested a Thomas the Train cake for our little nephew Leland's 1st birthday party. A Thomas the Train cake with one alteration...a skull instead of a cute smiling Thomas face. Huh?
Meet the Workman fam. The Bryceon Workman fam that is. That there is Chloe...Leland's Mommy. She's pretty edgy and has a funky thing for skulls. Combined with Leland's love for Thomas the train, we melded these to seemingly un-meshable interests into a pretty awesome cake.

 I was still on baby recovery (we'd just had our new precious little addition, sweet Zoey Claire) so Bry took the reigns on this one. He's pretty amazing eh?

We also made this little number for Leland's smash cake...

I think he liked it.
Happy 1st Birthday Leland!